Digital Photography and Photoshop

This 2-day intermediate workshop is for those with basic experience with cameras and some knowledge of the photographic process for photo booths in west palm beach, and who want to improve their capabilities in the digital world and explore techniques to produce better and more interesting images.  The concentration is on the camera and image manipulation in Photoshop.  Digital systems and all the elements necessary to capturing and producing a digital print will be examined.  The various technical aspects will be explained so as to assure full understanding.

The elements of assessing the image including composition, visualization of the final image, lighting, perspective, and effects of lens focal length will be reviewed.    Measuring exposure is critical to a good image.  We thus examine different ways to measure exposure, how to consider the effects of depth of field and exposure time, and adjusting them for the image’s needs.  And the histogram is explained as to what it is and how it is a valuable tool to check the exposure.

The participant will delve into the specifics of how the digital camera operates, how the image is recorded on the sensor, and ultimately gets to the flash card.  We will discuss mega pixels, the conversion of the image via CCDs or CMOS sensors to a digital image, buffers, and flash cards so that there is full understanding of what they do and how they operate.  JPEG, TIFF, and RAW formats will be covered so it is clear as to which to use when.  The basic controls of the camera are discussed including aperture priority, shutter priority, program and manual modes, white balance, auto focus, ISO settings and how they inter-relate to give you flexibility for each shot.  Advanced controls will be discussed, how they modify the basic settings, and the special capabilities they provide. These techniques will be reinforced in a field trip in the Albuquerque area designed to give us some great images.  The location of the photo booth rental is dependent upon the interests and needs of the participants.

Working with some selected images of the participants, we will demonstrate processing in Photoshop and also discuss plug-ins and supporting software.  We will pre-process in Adobe RAW before introducing the image into Photoshop.  The various tools and menus of Photoshop will be reviewed and applied to the images seeing how they can be massaged and modified.  Adjustment layers, selection tools, burning and dodging, sharpening, B&W techniques, and more are studied.  Lastly we set up for printing, matching what we see on the computer screen with what we get from the printer (including monitor calibration), and evaluating the printed images.

A group dinner the first night (cost of the dinner is not included in the workshop fee) is followed by an evening session wherein there will be a showing of digital prints and discussion of how they were taken and processed.

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