Creating Great Experiences

A great ambience sets the stage to inspire, inform and help our Students create rewarding culinary experiences every day.

How it works:

A Coordinator (or host), working with a trained Inspired Chef Culinary Instructor, gathers friends at their home for a cooking class. The Instructor, using the training and curriculum provided by Inspired Chef , as well as their own cooking experiences and personal style, teaches the class. The class is a blend of Inspired Chef ™ culinary techniques and insights, including the use of equipment and ingredients as well as the Instructor’s own expertise. All this is done in an informal setting, allowing guests to participate, ask questions and taste the finished dishes. The Coordinator and Instructor work together, planning the class, choosing from our curriculum and adding the coordinator’s personal touches.

Class themes include “Uncommon Appetizers”, “Spanish Dinner Party”, “French Bistro” and many, many more. Each participant pays a tuition fee that covers the cost of food, instructional materials and instruction. Special requests, such as pre-class appetizers, are available and are priced a la carte based on the instructors’ fee schedule.

Besides focusing on recipes,  guests also learn how to work with both everyday and exotic ingredients, apply the latest techniques and experience the newest food trends and meal preparation solutions.  The classes encourage social interaction and fun. And by emphasizing hands-on interaction and individual attention, we provide a rich learning environment for our Students as they learn new cuisines and skills. Products are made available for purchase after the class so Students can recreate the same foods and experience at home.

Whether enthusiastic novices or dedicated cooks, the wide range of Triple D Life products and ingredients help our students achieve new culinary heights.

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