Akeena Solar Launches a New Direct to Installer Sales Channel

New, Awarding Winning Andalay AC Solar Panels Available to Installers Nationwide

Akeena Solar (Nasdaq:AKNS), a leading installer and designer of solar power systems, today announced it has begun shipment of their proprietary Andalay solar panels with orders from installers throughout the United States including Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, New York and Washington. 

“When we expanded our California-focused installation business to add a nationwide installer sales channel, we did so knowing that it would be the most scalable way to bring our awarding winning Andalay products to sunny roofs across the United States,” said Akeena Solar CEO Barry Cinnamon. “We’re excited to have innovative solar installers eager to bring Andalay AC panels to even more homeowners and businesses.” 

The distribution success follows the recent announcement of a nationwide, two-year mutually exclusive partnership between Akeena Solar and MS Solar Solutions Corp. (“MSSS”), a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley’s Commodities group, to outfit low-income households with Akeena’s proprietary Andalay AC solar panels. MSSS will also have the option to purchase Andalay AC panels for their sales efforts to large tract homebuilders. 

Andalay AC panels are ideally suited for solar installers and trade workers who want to avoid the cumbersome process of installing high-voltage DC power systems. The new panels eliminate the complicated racking, DC wiring and high-voltage components found within ordinary solar systems. With 80 percent fewer parts to install, it also minimizes inventory logistics. The result is a simplified and safer installation process that can cut installation time in half. Moreover, the inverters built into each Andalay AC panel can reduce the effects of shading and panel mismatch-which can boost overall energy output by 5 to 25 percent. 

“I am impressed by the simplicity and design elegance of Andalay AC and its game-changing potential. Andalay AC’s systems integration is a stroke of genius,” said Phil Lou, co-founder of Seattle-based Greenwerks Technologies, Inc. “Our growing company, which includes recent graduates of the Shoreline Community College solar training program, is eager to offer this high performing, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing system to our customers.” 

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