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Self storage entails vital information from the Adhesive and Sealant Council Educational Foundation

The Adhesive and Sealant Council Education Foundation (ASCEF), established in 1987, created a partnership between industry and the Virginia Tech Center for Adhesive and Sealant Science (CASS).

ASCEF Online Training Program

In collaboration with Virginia Tech’s Center for Adhesive and Sealant Science (CASS), the ASC is proud to offer its brand new online training program. Click here for details.

Academic White Paper Now Available


�Behavior of Emulsion Polymers in Waterborne Adhesive Technology�

The Adhesive and Sealant Council (ASC) and the Center for Adhesive and Sealant Science (CASS) at Virginia Tech are pleased to present a white paper entitled Behavior of Emulsion Polymers in Waterborne Adhesive Technology. A useful and practical reference guide for those looking for information on the polymerization and the rheological factors associated with waterborne adhesive technology, this report is available to ASC member companies only.

Behavior of Emulsion Polymers in Waterborne Adhesive Technology is a detailed literature review of polymer adsorption and its subsequent effects on adhesion, colloidal stability and rheology. In addition, the white paper explains “emulsion polymerization”, which accounts for a substantial part of the materials used in waterborne adhesives, and provides a particular emphasis on polymerization of vinyl acetate.

For more information on obtaining a free copy of the white paper, please contact Mark Collatz at (301) 986-9700 ext. 112.

  • Table of Contents (PDF file)

Summer Internship Program for 2004

Over the past several years, CASS has held a five-day training course in late May to provide aspiring students an opportunity to learn about the fundamentals of adhesive and sealant science on the campus of Virginia Tech. This opportunity allows them to gain working knowledge of the industry before starting their internship.

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